Nuisance birds can be a real problem if they've gotten into your gutters, your home, or your place of businesses. We have experienced technicians on staff who can help with bird exclusions and provide the proper solutions to prevent nuisance birds from coming back. 


House sparrow nests, composed of twigs, grass, paper, and string, are built in gutters, vents, soffits, lamp poles, on rafters, building ledges, and almost any other conceivable elevated sheltered spot. They also will nest in walls of many structures. Sparrows also can have chicken mites in their nests which can infest buildings. These birds can be eliminated with exclusion work and exclusion products. Baiting can be performed as a last resort.

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Starlings create problems by nesting on or inside buildings and wall cavities. They utilize a multitude of roosting sites, including building ledges, lighted signs, marquees, billboard bracing, hollow lamp posts, and soffits, as well as dryer and stove vents. They are very loud at roosting time and leave nothing but filth. These birds also can have chicken mites in their nests which can infest the home or building they are nesting in. These birds can be eliminated by exclusion work, removal of nest, exclusion products and repairing. Baiting can also be performed as a last resort.

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The feral pigeon adapts well to man-made environments and often is the most troublesome bird for structures. Pigeon droppings deface and accelerate deterioration of buildings, statues, equipment and foul areas where people may walk, work or play. The serious and constant public health problems they create are unmatched by any other bird species. Exclusion work can be done for these birds and exclusion products applied. Trapping and Baiting are other forms of elimination.

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