House Mouse

The House Mouse is found throughout the world from the tropics to the Arctic and Antarctic. In most cities and towns around the world, it is the House Mouse, not the rat that ranks as the number one rodent pest. The Hose Mouse is able to breed rapidly, tolerate a wide range of conditions, and adjust quickly to changes in its environment. These traits are responsible for the success of the species in so many parts of the world.

The adult House Mouse can range in total size from 5 to 8 inches, and the average adult weighs .5 to 1 ounce. The tail is about as long as the body and head combined.

House Mice are extremely common within cities and towns, but they can also live as field rodents away from any buildings. The House Mouse should not be confused with Voles, White-Footed Mice, Deer Mice, or Shrews ( Note Pictures ), all of which are entirely different animals. Occasionally, house mice are confused with young rats. However, a young rat’s head and feet appear large and out of proportion to the body, whereas the mouse’s head and feet are in proportion to the body.