Nuisance Wildlife

Whether they're digging through your garbage, tearing up your roof, or destroying your lawn, nuisance wildlife pests can invade human spaces at a moment's notice and leave you cleaning up the mess. With our skilled technicians on staff, we can use humane and effective techniques to rid you of your wildlife problems and save you from heartache and financial woes along the way. 


Chipmunks often dig up and eat newly planted garden seeds and flower bulbs. Strawberries, Plums, Apples, and other cultivated fruits are …

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Skunks are primarily nocturnal animals, and their activity around buildings may go undetected for awhile until one takes up occupancy beneath …

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Woodchucks ( a.k.a. Groundhogs ) are the largest members of the squirrel family in the United States. These animals commonly invade …

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Raccoons often gain access into attics, basements, and crawl spaces by forcing open loose or broken vent covers, louvers,windows, and carpentry. …

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Squirrels can cause damage or become a nuisance to the homeowner when they use buildings for nesting sites and food storage …

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Moles are notorious for the damage they cause to reidential lawns, sod nurseries, golf courses, parks, and gardens. They can create …

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