Raccoons often gain access into attics, basements, and crawl spaces by forcing open loose or broken vent covers, louvers,windows, and carpentry. Female raccoons readily invade attics or enter uncapped chimney flues and occupy the smoke shelf above the damper door to give birth and wean their litter of pups. Raccoons can easily be frightened away from a trash can or garden by us humans, BUT should be given the up-most respect and caution, because they can be fierce fighters when cornered and have been known to inflict serious wounds. Raccoons have been implicated in several infectious diseases transmissible to humans, the most well known one being Rabies. Therefore great care should be taken when attempting to control these pests. Some control methods include …. Habitat Modification and Sanitation, Live Trapping and removal Performed by a Licensed Trapper, and Exclusion.