Voles or Meadow Voles are also referred to as Meadow Mice, Orchard Mice, or Field Mice. Voles will infest our lawns, gardens, and landscaped areas around our homes and buildings. They make their presence known by chewing unsightly well defined surface runway systems ( Trails ) in our lawns ( note the damage picture ). Voles dig shallow burrows in planting beds, feeding on a variety of ornamentals, including flower bulbs and roots. They occasionally enter buildings at ground level. Being poor climbers, they cannot enter buildings via many of the routes used by House Mice, Deer Mice, or Rats, but instead blunder into buildings by accident. Control methods include…… Exclusion, Live Trapping, Lethal Trapping, and The use of Toxic Baits. We believe in and use Toxic baiting as the most effective method of control and elimination for Voles. We install galvanized steel tamper resistant bait stations that are secured to the ground or installed on blocks, only after surveying the property and determining how many are needed.